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Few stores in town have such an illustrious history as Jewelry World & Loan.  Founded in Corona, California in 1988 by Mr. Tom Cole who later met and partnered with Cesar Moscoso whom soon became the owner.  Cesar is a 4th generation jeweler and watchmaker, an innate gemologist, an intuitive business man, and a dedicated philanthropist.  Jewelry World continues to set the standard for the ultimate in fine jewelry and high-end watchmaking.  Known throughout his life as "Cesar the Jeweler", Mr. Moscoso innovative design philosophy, in which the individual gemstones, rather than the metal settings, would dictate each design has helped to revolutionize fine jewelry designs, and remains at the cornerstone of a timeless aesthetic that continues to inspire all.



 Jewelry World has proudly served the city of Corona since 1988.  We offer many services and take pride in doing our best to assist all customers.
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