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Don't sell your gold to inexperienced  people in other professions who know nothing about jewelry.  Trust selling your gold at a Professional Precious Metal Trader.

Gold and Silver Bullion

Are you considering investing in Gold or Silver?


Investing in the Stock Market can be scary for those who have never attempted it.  The Metal Market is a lot easier to understand.  Buying Gold and Silver is fairly easy for the simple fact that you will have the real, physical commodity in your possesion.  You decide when you buy and when you sell.  We can help you acquire these metals for the best price.  Stop by anytime if you would like to learn more.


Gold.......Minimum 4 ounces

Silver....Minimum  10 ounces


You can be confident in our hard-earned reputation of service, trust and dedication to doing the right thing for our customers.  Bullion orders will be ready for pick-up within 1-2 days and in some cases, the next day.  Customer must come cash-in-hand in order to lock in a price.


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Gold, Platinum, Silver, and Diamond Buyers
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