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Satellite Wave-Air

Satellite Wave-Air

$2,650.00 Regular Price
$2,120.00Sale Price
This watch owes its origins to sky, wind and flight. Inspired by airplanes, its streamlined designed emodies the essence of wings in flight. Its three transparent layer dial suggests the rotating fan blades of an aircraft engine. Through revolutionary construction, this watch is designed to be both strong and lightweight, using supremely durable titanium in the case and parts of the strap. This advanced satellite timekeeping system delivers much higher reception sensitivity, capturing day, date and time signals sent from satellites in space. Information is gathered from satellites orbiting 20,000 kilometers above the earth.
  • Details

    World Time in 26 Time Zones, Fastest Time Sync Among All Satellite-Synchronized Watches, Perpetual Calendar, 12/24-Hour Time, Daylight Saving Time Indicator, Power Reserve Indicator, Duak Curved Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal, Day/Date.
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